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Selected Portfolio

  [Evolution Timeline]

Smithsonian Evolution Timeline and Other Interactives

In spring 2010, programmed three Flash interactives for the Smithsonian Institution, working for Chedd-Angier-Lewis Production Co.

Two of these, the Timeline Interactive (a comprehensive visual overview of eight million years of human evolution) Adventures in the Rift Valley (a virtual archaeological dig for evidence of early human civilization) were created for the Smithsonian website; the third (Future Humans) is on display at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC.

  [Hospital Medicine 2010]

Hospital Medicine 2010 Conference Website

For the Society of Hospital Medicine, I upgraded a Flash-based AV presentation viewer and designed and programmed the website back end and database using PHP and MySQL.

I worked on this project with Conference Casting, Inc.

  [Ride-Along Roundup]

Ride-Along Roundup and Vibe Buggy for Ft. Worth Museum of Science & Industry

Did all Actionscript programming for two 3D interactive Flash-based museum exhibits. Ride-Along Roundup is played by sitting on an artificial horse and pulling on actual reins to control it; for this demo, move your mouse to the left or right to simulate pulling the left or right reins, and use the spacebar to simulate pulling both reins.

The Vibe Buggy game also controlled a vibe pad and lighting system. These games were programmed for Chedd-Angier-Lewis Production Co.

  [HIV Across the Board]

HIV Across the Board and CROI Poster Presentations

For Medipix Productions, developed a Jeopardy-style Flash quiz in which doctors read the questions and give feedback on the correct and incorrect answers. The high score list for this game was developed using PHP and MySQL.

For the CROI Poster Presentations, animated a 3D virtual set for a three-camera video shoot.

[CROI Poster Presentations]

  [Beluga University]

Beluga U. and Seal Rescue

Developed two Flash-based interactive game for Immersion Learning; Beluga University allows students to train a virtual Beluga Whale, and Seal Rescue lets them solve veterinary mysteries.

Developed entirely by Trendy.com LLC (Programming by Jamie Ciocco; design and animation by Lenni Armstrong).

[Seal Rescue]

  [Erie Canal game]

Run the Syracuse Weighlock game for the Erie Canal Museum

Programmed a touchscreen museum exhibit and web game. Users take on the role of apprentice weighlock master, weighing boats and collecting tolls at the weighlock station.

Screen design and graphics by Chedd-Angier-Lewis Production Co.

  [Medipix Productions, Inc.]

GileadHIVresource.com Presentation Viewer

For the Gilead HIV Resource web site, I produced an AV presentation and training module viewer that is used to deliver dozens of presentations. I also contributed a significant amount of C# and ASP.NET programming to several other areas of the website.

I worked on this project with Medipix Productions, Inc.


APNA Training Program

For APNA, we produced a training system for placement specialists in the nanny & household staffing industries.

We worked on this project with Parents in a Pinch and Informmotion.

  [Belgacom TV]

Automation Case Study: Belgacom TV

Belgacom TV, A Belgian TV station, was looking for a way to automate production of its movie trailers.

They turned to trendy.com, and I delivered a one-step application for taking a raw clip and creating a broadcast-ready trailer complete with intro, outro, and a translucent animation overlaid on either end to create a smooth transition.

  [Melissa Mermin Love Stories]

Promotional Video for Melissa Mermin Love Stories

In May 2009, completed editing a promotional video for Melissa Mermin, a high-end wedding photographer based in Boston and San Francisco.

This video incorporates well over 100 of Melissa's photos, as well as original footage shot by Brad Kelly.

  [Slow Cookery]

Slow Cookery and Two Chinese Characters

In May 2008, launched an internet cooking show, as well as an occasional series of educational videos for teaching Chinese.

For both projects, I did all of the video editing, production, animation, and theme music composition; for Slow Cookery I handled the writing as well.

[Two Chinese Characters]

  [Harvard Business School Centennial]

Harvard Business School Centennial Website

In March 2008, completed a Flash interface for the Harvard Business School's Centennial Website.

This was a tricky project, since the Flash interface had to switch on the fly between a full multimedia mode and a navigation bar mode without reloading. It also required some creative workarounds, since the navigation bar had to update the page content dynamically via AJAX, but without using any server-side scripting or a database.

I worked on this project with Chedd-Angier-Lewis Production Co.

  [NYT Skyscraper]

SKYSCRAPER! at the Liberty Science Center

In summer 2007, completed programming for an interactive wall exhibit at the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, demonstrating the construction schedule of the brand new New York Times skyscraper.

My software uses an Onomy Labs Interactive Wall, a draggable plasma panel that creates the illusion of a translucent, moveable, interactive layer that overlays an image on the wall. I have created a 3D demonstration to better explain this cool exhibit.

I worked on this project with Chedd-Angier-Lewis Production Co.

  [Photo Booth Demo]

“Picture Yourself in Spartanburg History” and other exhibits

For the new Chapman Cultural Center in Spartanburg, SC, I programmed four exhibits, two for the history museum and two for the science museum. Among these was "Picture Yourself in Spartanburg History," in which my software interfaced with a webcam, took a photo of the user in front of a green screen, and composited the photo with a historical background image. I worked on this with Chedd-Angier-Lewis.

To get the best results, I ended up writing all the imaging code myself (compositing, edge smoothing, and sepiatoning). Here's a demo.

  [Interactive MRI Demo]

Paolini & Haley: legal presentation

For the Law Offices of Paolini & Haley in Boston, I created a multimedia presentation in late 2007 that formed the centerpiece for a successful medical malpractice case. The software I programmed incorporated videos, interactive images, and hundreds of pages of documents — with special code so highlighted quotes could leap out at the viewer — all within an easily-navigable interface.

I designed and programmed this interactive MRI demo to show why the diagnosis should have been made based on the MRI images from the case.

  [Franklin Institute Science Museum]

"Identity" exhibit kiosks for the Franklin Institute

Completed all programming (and some Flash illustration) to allow several psychological tests, by researchers at Harvard and Penn, to be included in a major traveling exhibition which opened at the Franklin Institute in November 2007. I worked on this with Chedd-Angier-Lewis.

In February 2008, upgraded the software to allow exhibit visitors to have test results included in Harvard's Project Implicit®, a major scientific study of subconscious bias.


McGraw-Hill: Flash Video Game

In November 2007, completed all programming for a Flash-based video game, designed to teach the concepts of positive and negative reinforcement and punishment. The graphics are by Chedd-Angier-Lewis, and the game was produced for McGraw-Hill.

In this game, you are a newly hired waiter in a busy restaurant. For every order you deliver correctly before it gets cold, you get a tip (positive reinforcement). If you're too slow at returning to the kitchen to get more orders, your pager starts buzzing annoyingly (negative reinforcement). And if you deliver too many orders to the wrong tables, the surly chef will fire you (punishment).

  [Hubbell Lighting]

Hubbell Lighting Solutions Center

In spring 2007, completed all programming for all five touchscreen exhibits at the new Hubbell Lighting Solutions Center in Greenville, SC.

The software I wrote controls the lighting systems in the kiosk area; here is a view of one kiosk in context (via BusinessWeek).

I worked on this project with Chedd-Angier-Lewis Production Co.; the Lighting Solutions Center was designed by Storyline Studio.

  [Challenger software]

Multimedia software programming

In 2007, completed all programming for new multimedia medical education courses.

This project was based on educational software I wrote ten years ago, working with a talented team of designers. Recently I got the chance to completely revamp the underlying code and add new features to power a new generation of courses.

  [Harvard Chinese Film Site]

Harvard Chinese Film site (video content only available to course users)

Designed and programmed this acclaimed site in 2000, adding upgrades and additions over the years. I wrote the multi-context Timeline in PHP; the teaching staff can add and update items using a web form, with full support for traditional and simplified Chinese characters.

  [Catering by Gillian]

Catering by Gillian

This site is more design-focused than my other sites, and the contract included a full corporate identity print design, so it's a return to my roots. It was built with PHP and CSS.


Medsessions.com (site content limited to subscribers)

In 1999, I created and programmed an entire online multimedia course infrastructure for DBPub, Inc., providing several major revisions through 2003.

DBPub provided me with a dozen example CD-ROMs using their own proprietary software, and gave me the task of reverse-engineering them and converting the content for the web. I devised and documented a system to allow users with no programming experience to convert a CD-ROM into a complete online course in a matter of minutes.

[What a Waste!]

What a Waste! and Which is Wise?

Here are two games created for Rhode Island's recycling program; these and more are featured at RIRRC headquarters. (What a Waste background design by Jen Mergel.)

[Which is Wise?]